Wednesday, March 18, 2015

The Artist in Me...I Tried :)

Today is Pink

Another picture book?

We definitely need more picture books out there that address the importance of "Day of Pink"-teaching children the importance of acceptance, no matter what our differences are...

The Dog That Wanted to Be a Cat

Possible picture book idea?

Kidlit Writing School...just signed up!

I'm so excited! I just signed up for the course: Picture Book A to Z's: Revising Picture Books

Check out the website:
The course is taught by:

Sudipta Bardhan-Quallen, author of 'Chicks Run Wild' (one of my favourites) & 'Duck, Duck, Moose':  I took a workshop with Sudipta at the New Jersey SCBWI Conference and it was amazing!
Marcie Colleen, author of the upcoming 'The Adventure of the Penguinaut':  I have yet to meet her but I'm looking forward to it.  Check out her blog at:
Susan Hawk, agent with The Bent Agency

The course starts April 13th, 2015 and runs for 5 weeks.  I cannot wait to revise my picture books and get them submission ready!  

I've also signed up for 2 - 60 minute manuscript critiques.  

This is going to be incredible!

Sunday, March 8, 2015

It's time to Query...

Who knew querying an agent would be so difficult?  I am so passionate about my work, like every other writer and want to impress an agent so much so that he/she wants to work with me.  How do I do this in one page?

First of all, research.  I have spent many hours researching agents from different agencies.  I have checked their bio's and then cross-referenced them with social media such as blogs and Twitter.  I'm looking for anything that stands out and makes me think they might be interested in my work.

It might be a book that we both loved reading as a child or a project that they have worked on that is of similar genre to mine.  It might also be positive words or quotes that resonated with me.  After all, I'm looking for an agent to help develop a career with.  I want to work with this person on many projects to come.  I want them to travel on this incredible journey with me.  

Fingers crossed that I find the perfect match!

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Project Title Unknown

I am finally getting to the revision of my middle grade novel about a young girl named Abigail Cox who moves onto a peculiar street with her mother, stepfather, and stepbrother who she has a love/hate relationship with.  The street, Hilltop Court, is inhabited by a group of unusual people who are all trying to solve the mystery behind the disappearance of a boy named Lucas Dubois.

Monday, February 9, 2015

Pete vs. Nolan: Battle of My Inner Voices Picture Book

Note from the Author:
Before you begin reading, let me help you to find your inner voice.  Your inner voice or your voice of reason helps you to make the right choices.  It talks you through each and every moment in your life.  Sometimes, this voice can speak to you negatively making you feel unhappy.  Other times, this voice can speak to you very positively making you feel happy and excited.  
To find it, read each sentence below without actually opening your mouth.
I am awesome.
I am unique and strong.
I promise to always listen to my positive voice.
Did you hear it?  It's the voice inside your head that only you can hear.

I hope after reading this story, you remember the importance of your positive voice.  You are what you think.  And what you think, you become.  Enjoy.
Are you interested in reading more?  If so, contact me at: